Paulette Brooks, Director of Volunteer Programs and Wife, Christina Brooks

Join us!

From top to bottom, Blue Ridge Pride is run by volunteers. Awesome volunteers. Lots of volunteers.  And we’ve got just the role for you.  We have something for every interest: advocacy, marketing, training, entertainment — something for every interest and availability.

  • Work an Event: Provide 3-5 hours of support for a specific event – like our festival, a concert or a street fair. Pour beer, set up tents, check coats, sell merchandise. Meet people.  Have fun.
  • Lead a Program: Take responsibility for a long-term initiative with a specific objective. The commitment generally involves 5-10 hours a month and is ongoing.
  • Complete a Project: These are short-burst projects – typically 5-30 hours over a few days or a few weeks.
    • Provide Occasional Support: We have a variety of ongoing support needs that can be broken down into a few hours a week or month — usually at times that suit you.

Join Us!

We need your help. You’d be terrific.

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