Board of Directors

NameBennett Lincoff

TitleBoard Member, At-Large (Former President)

As a Board member of Blue Ridge Pride, and as President for 2019, I look forward to working with Tina White, our outstanding Executive Director, and with the many volunteers who work with Tina, to expand the Blue Ridge Pride mission beyond the annual Pride Festival, to include new and inclusive programs to better serve the LGBTQ+ community of Western North Carolina.

I moved to Asheville with my husband, Konrad, in August 2016, after living in New York City for 37 years. I spent most of my career as a copyright lawyer in the music industry. Prior to that, I worked at the New York Legal Aid Society. And prior to that, I spent two years working in rural California as a volunteer with the United Farm Workers Union. Cesar Chavez was an early and strong influence on me. Cesar encouraged me to go to law school.

One compelling factor for me about living in Asheville is the many opportunities to participate in the betterment of my adopted community.

In addition to my involvement with Blue Ridge Pride, I also serve as a member of the Board of Directors of  WNCAP (the Western North Carolina AIDS Project).

I have also become certified as a Community Advisory Committee Volunteer for the NC Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program for Buncombe County. In that capacity, I inspect assisted living facilities, acting primarily as a residents’ rights advocate. I am President of the Advisory Committee for 2019.

My husband and I came to Asheville with great expectations. So far, our experience has exceeded our wildest imaginings. By every measure important to us, the quality of our lives has improved since moving to Asheville.

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What Do Board Members Commit To?

  • Our Board functions as an administrative board.  It’s primary function is to provide fiduciary oversight on behalf of the community we serve and our financial supporters.  While board members typically involve themselves in select Blue Ridge Pride activities, they do so outside their board role and under the leadership of the Executive Director.
  • There are no explicit fundraising requirements of board members.  We find that such commitments limit the ability of some in our community to participate.  We assume that board members will find ways to demonstrate their commitment to the team’s mission.
  • Typically, board members are assigned to work with one of our teams (e.g., community projects and events).  This does not mean that they need to fulfill any operational roles.  As a board member, they are there to provide policy-level oversight.  However, they are more than welcome to  play a more active role.
  • Members are elected to serve a three-year term.  They may serve a maximum of six consecutive years.
  • The board generally meets once a month for one to two hours (currently, the 2nd Monday of each month, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm).  Board members are expected to attend a minimum of ten meetings a year (with two absences excused by the President).
  • The time commitment can vary considerably, depending on a board member’s appetite for getting involved in specific activities.  Here are some guidelines:  Board Meetings: 2 hours per month; Board Communications / Meeting Pre-reads / 1-2 hours per month; Team Liaison: 1-2 hours per month; Volunteering: Board members are required to volunteer for the annual festival and to attend or support one event or function per quarter.


In order to add a listing, you need to be registered and logged in on this site.

This is so you can return later and edit your entries. It also helps to protect our community.

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