When is a Pride Parade Not a Parade?

… When it’s a Pride Procession!

On Saturday, September 29, we will kick off the Tenth Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival with a special Pride Procession through the city of Asheville.

Our purpose is to celebrate the multitude of organizations and businesses who envision Western North Carolina as a rich and welcoming community.  The theme of the Procession is Welcoming WNC: Diversity + Inclusion = Success.

We want to give voice to the many organizations that strive to create spaces that welcome all to work, shop, and congregate as their authentic selves, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, class, or religion.

Instructions for Last-Minute Registrants / Groups Who Want to Add People

Register and come on down!  Come to the parking lot across from 23 Grove Street at 9:30 am.  We will send today’s registrants an email at midnight with more details.  But that’s what you really have to know.  Allow time for parking. See you there!

Join Us!

We hope to see the community turn out in force for this important event.  It isn’t a protest.  It is a community coming together to celebrate something we aspire to and stand for. There are three ways to join us …

  1. Walk With Us. Our permit limits us to 350 walkers. Register  your organization (or yourself) to join in.
  2. Stand With Us. Gather along the procession route, then to follow the procession into Pack Square Park.
  3. Welcome Us. Once the procession enters Pack Square Park, it will make its way through the park and towards the main stage.  Come early to the park.  Join in the singing and celebration. Help us to kick of our Tenth Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival.

How to Participate

Our goal is to create a vivid display of all the welcoming organizations and communities in western North Carolina and to tear down stereotypes.

  • Logos. We encourage you to wear your organization’s tee shirts, uniforms, hats, and buttons. Loft your logo on a banner or flag.
  • Dress. We encourage you to find creative ways to portray a welcoming community at work. Come as a doctor, a cook, a lawyer, a truck driver, a farmer, an artist.
  • Signs, Flags, & Banners. Bring a sign with your logo or an uplifting appeal (e.g., “Welcoming WNC”). Bear in mind that this is not a protest march. Our goal on the 29th is to rally a community around things we stand for … not against.

Registered Organizations

 Organization Name # of Walkers City
MissHilary Biggar1-3
ParentsDebra Frasier1-3
 Organization Name # of Walkers City

Registered Individuals / Families

 Your Name
Aubrey Sharp
Catherine Smedley
Mandolyn Orrell
Debra Frasier
Roxie Rose
Lillian Bodenheimer
Molly McDonough-Leota
Hilary Biggar
Dana Villalas
 Your Name