Welcome 2018 Exhibitors and Vendors!

Last year’s festival was our largest ever: 2 stages, 150 vendors, 18 performances, 20 food vendors — and an estimated 15,000 people.  This year, we are adding a third stage. In a post-festival survey, we asked exhibitors whether they achieved their objectives.  100% said “Yes”.  77% said, “We knocked it out of the park!”.  The remaining 23% responded, “We did great!”

Make Your Reservation Today!

SEP 6 UPDATE: We are virtually sold out.  Use this link to email us.  Describe your organization and what you want to sell or exhibit. 

Truck spaces and electrical access are completely sold out.  

Important Details

  • Confirmation: While we reserve the right to refuse any application, we usually only do so when there are already several similar vendors. If we refuse an application, we will refund 100% of any monies paid by the applicant to Blue Ridge Pride, Inc. by return check.  [If you want to check availability before making a reservation, email a brief description of your organization and what you want to exhibit or sell.]
  • Cancellations & Refunds: Other festivals charge an application fee.  Rather than charge such a fee, we subtract a $40 processing fee from any refunds for confirmed reservations (see 2018 Vendor Agreement for refund schedule.
  • Contact Us: If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to reach out to our head of vendor programs, Jacqui Weiks ([email protected]; 828-508-1911).  [Please allow 48 hours for a response.]

Exhibitor Bonus: Patron of Pride Add-On

By popular demand, we are expanding our Patron of Pride Promotion package and making it available to vendors and non-profits at substantially lower donation levels.    Unlike booth fees, monies to our Patron of Pride program are tax-deductible.

We created this program for local organizations and individuals who want to amplify their support of our community programs.  We created it to support our recent expansion of local services and our support of community partners.  Festival exhibitors benefits too (see table below)

Become a Patron of Pride Today!

For-Profit Exhibitor      Non-Profit Exhibitor

Non-exhibitors can become patrons at the following links: For-Profit / Individuals    Non-Profits.  Visit our Patron of Pride page for more information.


These are the organizations who make this festival possible!  Please treat them with the same generosity of spirit.
Use the category filter and search box below to find an organization. Click on columns to sort.  (* = Patron of Pride; ** = Festival Sponsor).

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