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Meet Our 2019 Festival Exhibitors and Vendors!

Where else can you shop for social justice, community services, health care, jobs, faith, feather boas, new homes and window treatments in one place — all while listening to wonderful music with a few thousand friends?   Meet the organizations that make this possible.  All of them embrace a welcoming community.

If you don’t see your organization here, you may have filled out the payment form but skipped the application.  Be sure to fill out your application.  While applications are closed, the application form feeds this list.  To those who submitted logos: we had to remove these from the table view because they were slowing down response time.

OrganizationRue Lee Robin LMBT
Festival CategoryVendor - On-site Services
What Are You Selling?Bodywork. I specialize in barefoot modalities such as Ashiatsu, Sarga, and Cupping.
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Rue provides bodywork that is centered on Queer, Trans, and Non-binary folks, & specializes in Ashiatsu, Sarga, and Cupping Therapy.

Address70 Woodfin Place #401
Asheville, North Carolina 28804
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Website Addressrueleerobin.com
Facebook Page URLfacebook.com
Public Phone(828) 242-7363