What is a Procession?

A procession is a parade without all the roadblocks and street closures.

  • Length. A procession is necessarily shorter.  Traffic officials must leapfrog one another to escort the procession safely through each intersection.  So it is limited to a block in length.
  • People, not Floats. In order to maximize the number of procession participants (350), we will not have floats and vehicles.  That’s fine, because this year, we want to celebrate the people who make our community.
  • Public Participation. While the public is encouraged to participate as sidewalk spectators, people are not allowed to block intersections, sit on curbs, or to set up chairs.  The streets remain active thoroughfares.
  • Duration. A procession starts and finishes more quickly than a parade.  Seats aren’t needed, which is good because most people will want to follow the Procession into the Park and on to the festival.  But be sure to be on time!

What does it cost to participate?

It costs nothing to participate.  We are underwriting this with proceeds from the festival and from our generous sponsors.

Why not a Parade?

Depending on the level of interest expressed in the community, we may consider a parade in future years. Parades do create a wonderful spectacle. But, this year, a procession seems more appropriate.

  • Parades are expensive to run and therefore expensive to enter.  We want everyone to feel that they can join in.
  • Parades tend to focus on pageantry. This year, we want to focus on purpose – our purpose and our resolve as a community.

Why isn’t this about Protest?

A good question.  There are certainly many things to protest these days.  But we believe that there is power in coming together at times to celebrate something we share and believe in.  Outside the festival area, people are certainly welcome to hoist any sign they care to.  But we encourage people to use this day to express the unity we aspire to.