Join Us For Our Second Annual Welcoming WNC Procession!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Becoming Our Greatest Selves – Together

Register To Walk

This walk is open to everyone: individuals, families, friends, neighborhoods, churches, activist groups, social clubs, companies, sports teams.

On Saturday, September 28, we will kick off the Eleventh Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival with a very special Procession through the city of Asheville.

Last year’s Welcoming WNC procession was so popular, we’re bringing it back.

The majority of people and organizations in western North Carolina aspire to a community that is welcoming. Yes, we struggle to get there.  But this is a day for all who share a vision of welcome to make our aspirations heard.

Join us as we walk across the city and into the heart of the festival.  Whether you are a business, a group, a congregation, community, family, or a pack of friends — join us on this half-mile walk.  Wear your logo. Carry banners and signs. Let the world know that in WNC, we win with welcome.

The theme this year is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Becoming Our Greatest Selves Together.  When we make one another feel welcome and valued, we enlarge our selves; we enrich our community.  We seek a community where all are welcome to work, shop, and congregate as their authentic selves –regardless of their race, ethnicity, sex, disability, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.

Join Us!

How to Participate

  • Register to walk (one person per team).  Gather your team. Create a vivid display.
  • Wear your organization’s tee shirts, uniforms, hats, buttons.
  • Bring a sign or banner with your logo or an uplifting appeal.

2018 Welcoming WNC Procession (Credit Sheryl Mann)

About the Community Partner Fund

We are blessed with so many local groups that support and welcome our community.  We created this fund to make it easier for you to support them.  None of these monies go to Blue Ridge Pride.  We plan to administer grants on a quarterly cycle.  To learn more or to apply, visit our Community Partner Fund page.