Sponsorships Help to Build Our Community

Sponsorships do so much more than support our festival.  All net proceeds from the festival support other community-building programs.  During the past two years, our sponsors have enabled us to expand into several new programs, projects, and events:

  • Community Partner Fund
  • WNC LGBTQ Oral History Project
  • WNC Virtual LGBTQ Center
  • Welcoming WNC Procession
  • Movies & Mixer Series
  • LGBTQ Story Slam

During its first year, the Partner Fund distributed $7,500 to WNC community organizations.  The Oral History Project has captured the lives of thirty area residents in its first six months.  Our 2019 Procession brought together hundreds of people and dozens of organizations to share a simple aspiration: a WNC community that is welcoming and equitable for all.

But, even by itself, the festival contributes significantly to our local community and economy:

  • An estimated 14,000 to 18,000 people attend.
  • Dozens of community service organizations and healthcare providers deliver services and information to visitors.
  • Local businesses and employers make contact with segments of our community that are often hard to reach.
  • Many non-profits and community groups rely on the festival to raise funds, reach new audiences, and to activate and educate their neighbors.

The festival brings people together for a day of celebration, action, education, commerce, and service.  In a world that seems to grow smaller and more divided with each passing day, what could be more important than that we learn to share space, ideas, and cultures together?

Sponsorships help to make this happen.  And we thank you! 

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Sponsorship Options

We secure most of our corporate support through festival sponsorships.  However, we also offer options to sponsor specific programs, projects and other events. 

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