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  • APPLICATION REVIEW. We try to review applications within 3 business days.  Once we do, you will receive an automated email.  If, for any reason, we do not approve your application, you will receive a complete refund, either through your credit card or by check. When we do turn away an application, it is usually because we have reached saturation for vendors in your category.  We feel that it is in your best interests for us to limit similar exhibitors.  We will offer to hold you on a wait-list in the event of a cancellation.
  • PAYMENT BY CHECK. If you elected to pay by check, please send it to Blue Ridge Pride Center, Inc, PO Box 2044 Asheville NC 28802-2044.  We give approved applicants three weeks to complete payment or until September 5, whichever comes first.  Thereafter, orders are only secure when approved by us and when payment is received. 
  • DIRECTORY LISTING.  You will find your listing on the Exhibitor Directory page once your application is approved and payment is received.

Other Options

  • UPDATE YOUR PROFILE. Find your listing in the listing of approved vendors (vendor home page). Open it, and click the Edit button.  You can add to or update your profile at any time before the festival.  Printed maps and guides will reflect information posted as of September 15.  
  • ADD TO YOUR ORDER. If you need to add tents, weights, tables, chairs, or electricity, click “Add to Order” on the vendor home page. 
  • REDUCE OR CANCEL YOUR ODER. If you need to remove an item or to cancel your order, contact us at [email protected]  Cancellation terms are spelled out in the vendor agreement.  Although there is a sliding scale for refund guarantees, we will generally issue a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee) if we can find an exhibitor to fill your space.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. As we are an all-volunteer organization, we ask you to allow a day or so for responses. 

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User's Guides - Welcoming Groups

Tips suggested by users

  • Prepare. There is no save-and-resume button, so have all the information on hand. (But you can return to edit it.)
  • Recurring Events. Powerful, but a little confusing the first time:
    • To enter a meeting on the same date each month (e.g., the 5th), select “on the same day”. 
    • To enter a meeting on the same day and/or week (e.g., 1st Monday), select “on a different day”. 
  • Categories. As a rule, you will want to select at least three categories, one from each of the following.
    • Event Type
    • Target Audience
    • Welcoming Pages
  • Venues / Organizers.
    • Enter the name of the organizer and location. 
    • If it is already in the database, the calendar will populate your event with relevant contact and location information. 
    • If you have to add a new organizer or venue, please fill in all the fields.  It will help others.
  • Review. Once you submit an event, it will be reviewed before appearing on the calendar.

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We find the calendar pretty intuitive. Please use the feedback button to suggest tips to add here.

Give us feedback!  And, please be patient.

This is our pilot release.  We will assemble user feedback to guide our second release in 2020 Q2.

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We welcome everything from modest donations to immodest endowments. If active users and directory listers kick in a little something each year, we think that we can sustain and build this virtual center for the community.

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This includes western North Carolina and nearby communities in contiguous states (e.g., eastern Tennessee, northwestern South Carolina, northern Georgia, southwestern Virginia. It also includes groups based outside the region that have a local presence.

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This includes language and visuals that are considered hateful, threatening or inappropriately graphic.  Bear in mind that this site is accessible to minors.

No content that poses a threat to people’s privacy or to copyright laws.

Do not share names, photos or contact information without appropriate authorization or consent. 

No embedded funding appeals and links.

Why?  We don’t allow these because we don’t have the resources to monitor such links. You are welcome to link to pages on your site that include these. 

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