Throughout the year, we have been approached by a variety of local community service leaders, all sharing the same concern:  we need more safe spaces and programs for our LGBTQ community, especially shelter.  They see it every day in the work they do.

The money to support such programs and facilities can be found — if only we can document the need.  Unfortunately, information about the WNC LGBTQ community and it’s needs is hard to come by.  Many of us, especially those most in need, continue to live in closeted isolation or in cloistered communities.

We are organizing an intiaitive with area universities, educators, students, health care providers, community services and LGBTQ organizations.  It has three objectives:

  • Gather information on the WNC LGBTQ community and its needs;
  • Gather information on alternative approaches and available resources for meeting these needs;
  • Establish a funding and launch plan.

Our immediate need is to form a small team that is willing to organize this effort.  If you or your organization are interested, please contact using this link: [LINK].  We will be scheduling several meetings to gather input about the approach.