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This fall, we are launching a Virtual LGBTQ Center, purpose-built to serve western North Carolina’s rural community.  Why?

  • LGBTQ people who live in rural communities struggle with a loneliness and isolation that is often devastating.
  • Community service organizations in rural areas lack the scale and infrastructure to reach such an audience that is widely dispersed and often invisible.
  • Rural businesses, schools and churches that aspire to be more welcoming struggle to find the resources to develop their organizations.

The goal of this Virtual Center is simple:  We want to create a platform that makes it easier for those in need and those with support to offer to connect with one another.  We dedicate this center to the estimated 36,000 LGBTQ people living in western North Carolina and to the wonderful groups that seek to support them.

We will be adding many features and resources in the weeks to come.  Our goal is to create a platform that connects our community.

Currently Available:

These listings are far from complete.  But we expect them to grow rapidly through the summer.


Page Under Construction