Community Calendar User’s Guide – Beta Release

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Registering to Add Events – Not Turned On Yet

This feature will be turned on soon.  For the moment, we are allowing all registered users to add events.  When we do add this feature, we will send out an email to everyone who has created an event.  You will then need to fill out a quick request form.  This is intended to protect our community.


Welcome!  We are inviting early adopters to start using the calendar. We are developing a comprehensive user guide and will release it after a brief feedback period.  Here are a few essentials:

  • Create – Submit – Edit: There is no save-and-resume button, so you are best off creating an event when you can finish filling it out.  To save the event, click Submit.  It will be published immediately.  You can easily edit and update your events by clicking on Manage My Events.
  • Description / Key Words: Be sure to include somewhere in your text and words people are likely to use in the search bar.
  • Date / Time / Recurring Events: The calendar has a very sophisticated recurring event function.  But to avoid data overload, we have the calendar populate recurring events 3 months into the future.
  • Categories & Tags: Please don’t abuse these.  Check only boxes that clearly apply.  Our community will thank you!
  • Organizers and Venues: A wonderful feature of this calendar is that it remembers the information for all Organizers and Venues.  Type in the name of an organizer or event location.  If it is already in the database, the calendar will populate your event with relevant contact and location information.  No need for you to put these in your description.  If you create a new organizer or venue, kindly fill out the fields.  It will help others who follow.
  • Additional Fields: There are several fields that identify the type of event and target audience.   Be sure to fill these out.  Otherwise, you may not show up in some searches.
  • RSVPs / Ticketing: This calendar has the ability to handle ticketing and RSVPs.  We have turned this feature off during the launch phase.
  • Feedback: please send us lots of feedback using the button above the calendar.  We are counting on early feedback to guide further improvements.
  • Featured Events: