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Your NameOrganization / CommunityTitle / Role of Primary ContactSpace permitting, how many people would you like to include in this application to walk in the procession?CityEntry Date
Belle CrawfordLGBTQ+ Asheville Jewish Life7 to 10Asheville09/26/19
Meagan White1 to 3Asheville09/25/19
Amanda B1 to 3Tri Cities09/25/19
Eleanor Daniels1 to 3Asheville09/25/19
Ashley Rutter-Hanzel4 to 6Asheville09/25/19
Wendy CoinThe Family Health CentersPhysician4 to 6Asheville09/25/19
Mariel OlsenWarren Wilson CollegeDirector of Student Wellbeing7 to 10Swannanoa09/24/19
Donald Roland4 to 6Asheville09/23/19
Simone McDivittWoodson BranchParent Volunteer Organizer7 to 10Marshall09/23/19
Rachel DudasikWicked Weed BrewingCommunity Engagement Coordinator7 to 10Asheville09/23/19
Mary WhiteHuman Rights Campaign7 to 10Asheville09/22/19
Samantha CucunubaEnvision EyecarePatient Care Coordinator11 to 20Weaverville09/19/19
Brittany HedgesBlue Ridge Roller DerbyVice President, Recruitment Chair7 to 10Asheville09/18/19
Trish RandallWNC for PeteOrganizer7 to 10Asheville09/17/19
Abigail Griffin11 to 20Asheville09/17/19
Cathie OwleHarrah's Cherokee Casino ResortRecruiter4 to 6Cherokee09/15/19
Julie Lehman1 to 3Asheville09/14/19
Stephen Matlack98.1 The RiverAccount Executive4 to 6Asheville09/13/19
Chloe RiderGrand Bohemian Hotel AshevilleCorporate Social Media Manager11 to 20Asheville09/11/19
Christina Bailey1 to 3Asheville09/11/19
Rain Larson Rain1 to 3Swannanoa09/10/19
Lori Blankenship1 to 3Cherokee09/10/19
Rada Reyes1 to 3Arden09/10/19
Chad Jones1 to 3Winter Park09/09/19
Nicole WhiteAsheville Second LineMember11 to 20Asheville09/09/19
Amy LenellWalgreensPharmacist7 to 10Asheville09/09/19
Frank GoldsmithCarolina Jews for JusticeBoard member21 or moreAsheville09/06/19
Brian DavisUNC AshevilleDirector of Donor Relations11 to 20Asheville09/05/19
Sean James1 to 3Asheville09/04/19
Lilly AugspurgerUNC Asheville's Great Smokies Writing ProgramAdministrative Assistant7 to 10Asheville09/04/19
Ty MoserFirst Congregational United Church of Christ7 to 10Asheville09/03/19
Ophia HornRainbow Circle of Center for Spiritual Living AshevilleCo-Leader11 to 20Asheville09/03/19
Trista Pruitt4 to 6Chattanooga09/03/19
Julie HolladayYouth OUTrightVolunteer, parent1 to 3Asheville09/03/19
Jen MurphyStreet Creature Puppet Collectivecore circle leader7 to 10Asheville08/30/19
Una HollandUNCA OutPresident21 or moreAsheville08/27/19
Govinda WagnerSunday's Are A Drag @ The Crow & QuillShow Director7 to 10asheville08/26/19
Kevin BargerStoneCreek Health and RehabilitationReceptionist1 to 3Asheville08/24/19
Jessica SanderTargetHuman Resource Team Leader11 to 20Arden08/23/19
Cordell RathburnLowe's Home ImprovementCashier21 or moreWeaverville08/23/19
Laura KirbyHaywood Street CongregationExecutive Director7 to 10Asheville08/23/19
Ray CallesT-MobileCorporate Manager4 to 6Asheville08/22/19
Chad SizemoreHelzberg DiamondsSales Associate4 to 6Asheville08/22/19
Sharon HansonTranzmissionAdministrative Director11 to 20Asheville08/14/19
Laura CarperSAFE TransylvaniaChild Advocate4 to 6Brevard08/12/19
Alex Matthews1 to 3Clyde08/08/19
Baylee HardingGivens CommunitiesHuman Resources Coordinator21 or moreAsheville08/07/19
Tommy BrattonFirst Baptist Church of AshevilleMinister of Christian Formation7 to 10Asheville08/06/19
Jamie Brady1st Presbyterian Church AVLMission Chairperson21 or moreAsheville08/05/19
Jonathan MeadowsCentral United Methodist Church7 to 10Asheville08/05/19
Stacey MaugerFree Mom Hugs Asheville7 to 10Hendersonville08/04/19
Barbara Weitz1 to 3Asheville08/03/19
Karen Cherish Noel1 to 3Candler08/02/19
Corey GafneaSAFE TransylvaniaRape Prevention Coordinator1 to 3Brevard08/02/19
Jocelyn McQuarrieJ. CrewHuman Resources11 to 20Arden08/02/19
Matthew HenryIrene Wortham CenterPresident and CEO11 to 20Asheville08/02/19
Vickie PerryEnvision Eyecare7 to 10Asheville07/31/19
Jodi rhodenYWCA of AshevilleMarketing Director11 to 20Asheville07/26/19
Megan RobinsonAmerican Red CrossExecutive Director7 to 10Asheville07/25/19
Whitney SmithVerner Center for Early LearningFamily Engagement Manager11 to 20Asheville07/25/19
Charlie MillingVerner Center for Early LearningHR Coordinator11 to 20Asheville07/25/19
Deanna WilliamsOpen Hearts TodayFounder1 to 3Asheville07/25/19
Adriana ChavelaHola Community ArtsExecutive Director7 to 10Arden07/24/19
Damini AlspaughGreen River BotanicalsSales & social media1 to 3Asheville07/24/19
Chris Oaks1 to 3Black mountain07/24/19
Chester CubBeer City SistersSexytary11 to 20Asheville07/23/19
Russ Root1 to 3Asheville07/23/19
Donna SingerAllegiant11 to 20Asheville07/23/19
Allison ScottCampaign for Southern EqualityDirector Policy & Programs4 to 6Asheville07/23/19
Tootsie JablonskiAsheville Farmstead SchoolLead Educator11 to 20Candler07/23/19
Lilli Rayne-Starr7 to 10Asheville07/22/19
Russ Root1 to 3Asheville07/18/19
Robin Altman1 to 3Asheville07/18/19
Diane Drake1 to 3Asheville07/16/19
Corie HackneyThe Omni Grove Park InnHuman Resources Manager7 to 10Asheville07/11/19
Shawn LandrethThe Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville7 to 10Asheville07/05/19
Sarah RivenbarkStarbucksstore manager11 to 20Asheville07/03/19
Jennie Smith-Pariola4 to 6Fairview06/07/19
Ashley TeeYMCA of Western North CarolinaChair LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group11 to 20Asheville05/17/19
Butch ThompsonAsheville Gay Men's ChorusExecutive Director7 to 10Asheville05/14/19
Your NameOrganization / CommunityTitle / Role of Primary ContactSpace permitting, how many people would you like to include in this application to walk in the procession?CityEntry Date
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