Registered Individuals

 Name Nbr of Walkers Home City
Rada Reyes1 to 3Arden
Diane Drake1 to 3Asheville
Robin Altman1 to 3Asheville
Russ Root1 to 3Asheville
Lilli Rayne-Starr7 to 10Asheville
Russ Root1 to 3Asheville
Barbara Weitz1 to 3Asheville
Sean James1 to 3Asheville
Christina Bailey1 to 3Asheville
Julie Lehman1 to 3Asheville
Abigail Griffin11 to 20Asheville
Donald Roland4 to 6Asheville
Ashley Rutter-Hanzel4 to 6Asheville
Eleanor Daniels1 to 3Asheville
Meagan White1 to 3Asheville
Chris Oaks1 to 3Black mountain
Karen Cherish Noel1 to 3Candler
Trista Pruitt4 to 6Chattanooga
Lori Blankenship1 to 3Cherokee
Alex Matthews1 to 3Clyde
Jennie Smith-Pariola4 to 6Fairview
Rain Larson Rain1 to 3Swannanoa
Amanda B1 to 3Tri Cities
Chad Jones1 to 3Winter Park
 Name Nbr of Walkers Home City
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