Blue Ridge Pride COVID-19 Community Relief Match Fund

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COVID-19 presents some particularly difficult challenges for our community.

Many in our community have unique health issues that place them at higher risk.  Many of us were struggling with joblessness, homelessness, isolation, stigma, and depression before COVID-19 arrived.  As a cojmmunity, we have usually managed our way through past crises by banding together.  That is a isn’t easy to do right now.   We offer some links and resources below. Stay well.  Reach out.  Care for someone forgotten.

Combating Depression & Suicide

  • Asheville: Our Voice Crisis Hotline: 828-255-7576  | Website
  • National: Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 | Website LGBTQ Support PageAyuda En EspañolCOVID-19 Coping Tips  | Deaf and Hard of Hearing: 1-800-799-4889
  • Safe Space: Website Online tools and links for emotional support.
  • Lifeline Chat: Website  Web chat service connecting individuals with counselors for emotional support and other services.

What You Can Do … Beyond Basic Health Precautions

  • Phone a Forgotten Friend: We’re good at checking in on close friends and people who are well-networked.  Think of someone who might be overlooked right now.   Check on them.
  • Reach Out to a Group: We have created a directory of many Welcoming Groups in our region.  While most aren’t meeting in person right now, many have some form of virtual outreach.
  • Restore Your Faith:  We have compiled a database of over 60 Welcoming Communities of Faith in Western North Carolina.  Though they, too, are meeting less often, many are finding creative ways to sustain a supportive community. 
  • Fight Stigma: NC Public Health emphasizes that no group, ethnicity or population in the US is more likely to get or spread COVID-19. Fighting stigma is now a matter of public safety.  It will be harder to contain the spread of COVID-19 if people are afraid to seek testing and assistance.
  • Volunteer: If it is safe to do so.    If it isn’t, remember that you are providing a benefit to everyone in North Carolina by remaining in isolation and quarantine.
    • Sign up to received COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunity alerts from the United Way.
    • Manna Food Bank is in need of healthy volunteers with a lot health risk profile for 2-hour shifts to fill food boxes for the needy [link]. Manna is a key supplier to many community groups, including Loving Food Resources.  (If you volunteer at Manna, add #BlueRidgePride to the remarks field.  We’d like to track our community’s engagement.)
    • Asheville Survival Program – a Facebook page established to help us overcome social distancing and to support the community.

COVID-19 Resources

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  1. 12th Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival & Welcoming WNC Procession

September 26, 2020 | 10 am to 7 pm

Pack Square Park | Asheville NC


We are still planning to hold the festival in September and are accepting vendor, sponsor and entertainer applications.  However, we are preparing for a variety of possibilities:

  • If the festival is cancelled owing to COVID-19, we will issue full refunds.
  • If other festivals and organizations lose important summer dates, we may choose to partner with them.  Beyond getting through COVID-19, our greatest priority is to re-build our community together.

Anyone with comments, inquiries or suggestions should direct them to our Executive Director.



This site will evolve quickly this spring.  We are launching a virtual LGBTQ Center for western North Carolina and nearby communities in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina.  LGBTQ people in rural communities struggle, not only with the isolation and insecurity brought about by social ignorance and prejudice, but also with the isolation of geography.  We have many wonderful organizations, companies, and groups that welcome and support our community.  But they, too, find rural geography a challenge.   How to connect everyone? … That is our goal.  We hope you’ll join us.  We are growing a community .. together.

Community Calendar

This calendar was designed with our community in mind.  Visit our calendar home page to find more events and to post events of your own.


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$650 of $4,000 raised
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Our community could use your help.

Western North Carolina is home to over 35,000 LGBTQ people, many of them devasted by COVID-19.  Sadly, they are often without welcoming families or safety nets to turn to.  They need our help – now.  
Blue Ridge Pride has redeployed $3,000 in its budget for a community-match program that will offer immediate relief.  
100% of funds raised by April 13, plus our match, will go to Campaign for Southern Equality’s COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program.  CSE will deploy these funds to qualifying recipients in our 22-county area.
If you act now, you can double your effective support.  Please … if you can … lend a hand.

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Mark Your Calendars!


12th Annual Blue Ridge Pride Festival & Welcoming WNC Procession


Saturday, September 26, 2020
10 am to 7 pm | Pack Square Park


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